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  • Basic Cut
  • Senior Cut (65 & Over)
  • Kids Cut (Under 10)
  • Trim your Beard (Clipper) / Trim your Beard (Razor)
    $12 / $18
  • Face Shave / Head Shave
    $46 / $30
  • Straight Razor Fade
  • Clipper Skin Fade
  • Shampoo
  • Ear / Nose Wax
    $8 each
  • Combo Wax
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Every haircut is performed to match your desire and style. We offer all available types of haircuts ranging from Business Man's cuts to Fades of all types.


Haircuts done right by the best barbers in Folsom! We perform our standard haircuts with both hair clippers and scissors.  We finish off all of our haircuts with clean lines both on the next line, eyebrows and stache.  Standard haircuts are finished off with your choice of hair cream, gel, pomade or wax.


This haircut service includes the Standard haircut with Shampoo.  Enjoy an exhilarating and energizing shampoo and conditioning treatment using quality American Crew products. 


This service includes all quality services provided in our basic cut in addition to our standard beard trim service.  Our standard beard trim is performed with trimmers cut to your specific desire. 


This service consists of our basic cut in addition to the standard face shave service.  We perform our standard haircuts with both hair clippers and scissors.  We finish off all of our haircuts with clean lines both on the next line, eyebrows and stache.  Standard haircuts are finished off with your choice of hair cream, gel, pomade or wax.  Our shaves are performed with a trimmer and a traditional straight razor.  Finished off with a warm hot towel and aftershave.


Our best service to offer!  The Gentlemen's cut is the combination of our premier cut service plus our standard face shave service.  We perform our standard haircuts with both hair clippers and scissors.  We finish off all of our haircuts with clean lines both on the next line, eyebrows and stache.  Standard haircuts are finished off with your choice of hair cream, gel, pomade or wax.  Our shaves are performed with a trimmer and a traditional straight razor.  Finished off with a warm hot towel and aftershave.

KIDS CUT (UNDER 10) - $22

Kids under 10 have our discount master pricing. 


Nothing is better than a good-looking older man.  Seniors enjoy a discount every time.  Bring a friend by the Barbershop for their first haircut with us and enjoy two senior cuts for the price of one. 



Whether you have a beard, mustache or goatee, our Barbers are ready to tighten it up for you.  We are experts in performing beard and mustach trims with expert precision.  You will walk away looking great every time.


Our standard beard trims are performed with trimmers.  We specialize in tightening and cleaning up any overgrown beard needing attention. 


This service is performed with both a trimmer and a traditional striaght razor for a tightly aggressive beard style. 


Our standard Goatee trims are performed with trimmers.  We specialize in tightening and cleaning up any overgrown goatee needing attention. 


This service is performed with both a trimmer and a traditional striaght razor for a perfect goatee style. 


Done upon request as a separate or additional service. 



All shaves are performed with precision to match your desire and style.  We use a hot towel to open up your pores, soften your whiskers in order to ensure a perfect clean shave. 


Performed with a trimmer and a traditional straight razor.  Finished off with a warm hot towel and aftershave.


Performed with a trimmer only.  Finished off with a warm hot towel.


Performed with a trimmer and a traditional straight razor.  Finished off with a warm hot towel.


For aggressively tight tapers, we offer perfect fades using straight razors for any length of hair on top. 


Like a straight razor fade, we offer great skin fade cuts using clippers for any type of hair. 



Coloring Services are coming soon!



All extra services are done upon request.  Our expert Barbers will ensure that they do everything to match your desire and style.


Shampoo hair washing and cleaning can be done at customer's request. 


Ear hair and nose hair waxing are done as separate services.  


For customers who wish to have both ear and nose hair waxing services performed, both services can be performed for a discounted rate. 


Havana Brushless Shave Cream
Razor & Brush Set
Barberry Coast Shaving Cream
18.21 Pomade
Shaving Set
Barberry Coast - Bay Rum Aftershave
18.21 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash
Havana Aftershave Balm


     The Barber Lounge in Folsom’s mission is to keep the spirit of traditional barbering alive. From as far back as the turn of the 20th century until today, our team consists of premier barbers that bring that same spirit to you through their ability to create an old-style barber experience.  
Best Haircut Styles img2

     We have taken the traditional barbershop concept and have introduce a modern atmosphere and comfort for our customers. This infusion creates an extremely relaxed and enjoyable experience unmatched by other local barbershops.

     You are in great hands with our team of expert barbers. Our professional team has over 40 years of combined hair care experience with specialization exclusively in men’s hair and grooming. We employ traditional barber techniques while offering modern day cuts and styles. Our meticulous attention to detail sets us apart from other Barbers. Because we take great pride in what we do while keeping you as the customer always in mind, we guarantee that you will enjoy the finest barbershop experience. If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us at 916-936-4540.



  •   My son and I came for a hair cut last Sunday.  We used other Folsom Barber Shops and were unhappy with the consistency of these shops.  We decided on the Barber Lounge after reading all the great reviews.  We picked the right place!  The Barber Lounge is clean and well organized.  We didn't have appointments and was willing to wait.  However, we didn't have to wait at all.

    Sunny cut my hair and was very attentive to what I wanted.  It was a really hot day, and the beer was a great addition to the haircut.  Overall, this was a great experience and we will be back.

    thumb Huy L.

      Wow! So that is what it's like to get a "nice" haircut! I have to say,  I've been a SuperCuts, budget haircut guy my whole life. Mostly because I  don't know jack about hair or what looks good.
    I decided it was about time that I got a decent haircut as so I made an appointment online with Andrew (which was super convenient). I had a little bit of an idea of what I wanted, but nothing specific. He listened to my feedback gave me some suggestions and then I let him do his thing.  He gave me a great cut and straightened out my beard, tidied up random stragglies and just did a really clean and professional job. It was an awesome experience, and not too expensive.
    I would definitely recommend going here.

    thumb Ian C.

      I've been here several times now and each time I've been happy.  The last time that I visited, I was with Dannie and she was great!  She took the time to get my hair exactly like I wanted it and when I felt bad for being picky she was totally fine with it and encouraged it.  She actually got it as close as I like without it being a skin fade.  I will be making another appointment very soon!

    thumb Kevin S.

      It's hard finding a good barber/barbershop out here.  I've been to a few shops prior to coming here and it just didn't work out like a couple of bad dates.  Then, I found this spot...  These guys/ladies here are pros, they bless me every time, cut my hair the way I want it.  I recommend x 1000000.

    thumb Daniel L.
  •   I just got home from my beard trim & lemme tell ya, it looks immaculate. 1.) Booking was easy, reminder text had link to cool lil profile for your appt. 2.) Great conversation and atmosphere. Will, Andrew & Dani were so personable and fun, immediate connection. 3.) Got a great snifter of amber ale that paired perfectly with the weather outside. 4.) The inside of the shop was high end & spacious, yet comfy & inviting. TV's are the perfect size, angle & distance from all seating with little tables to hold your beer, phone, etc. 5.) I left my appt so happy that the traffic home didn't even phase me. I just found my one and only barber shop :D

    thumb Travis H.

      Dani has been cutting my husbands hair for a little bit. She assured him she could handle our crazy boys as well (2.5 and 1.5) so we took them in today. She was absolutely amazing. They both look so great and she was so friendly and accommodating to their crazy wiggling. They also offer beverages while waiting....highly recommend!

    thumb Beth H.

      The Folsom Barber Lounge is a great place for men to get their haircut.  On top of being in an inviting and comfortable environment you leave feeling great with the razor neck shave.  It is no coincidence that the barbers have their customers follow them into their new venue.

    thumb Chris T.

      What a great find. We recently moved from Bay Area and have 3 boys. Super excited we found our new local Barber. All my boys haircuts were perfect, amd as requested. Beyond friendly, conveniently located, TV's all around, complimentary Beer, wine, water and soda and Treats for kids! We will most definitely be returning often.

    thumb Kristy R.
  •   I stumbled upon The Barber Lounge as I searched for a place that was close by. It was a hot day and I hadn't called ahead, hopeful that they could get me in last minute. When I walked in I was greeted with a smile and with such respect and kindness, I felt at home. It was cool and clean and classy and I knew I was in good hands. I was offered a beer and told how long I needed to wait, it wasn't long even with only one person working. There was no stress, no worries.

    Sunny totally rocked my haircut. It's the best haircut I have had and it was obvious that cutting hair was an art to her and she was very skillled at it. We had a great conversation and I really enjoyed myself. I hadn't brought cash with me but there's an ATM close by that made it convenient.

    This place is the best and I will be back for sure. Thanks for the awesome experience.

    thumb Dylan V.

      Legit barber shop.  Andrew gives super clean fades but he's always booked up for at least 2 days in advance so don't even bother trying to do a walk-in with him. LOL.

    Matt, his part time barber also gives clean fades, he's there wed-fri I believe, he is usually available for a walk in.  

    Nice little shop on natoma, clean open space, and sports center is always on, can't go wrong with that.

    thumb Sergio V.

      Andrew is a great barber!  So, of course I followed him from his previous location.  And speaking of his new place, it is awesome.  It's actually a relaxing break to stop in for a haircut and conversation.  So, if you're looking for a barber, stop by the Barber Lounge; you'll be going back for years.

    thumb James G.

      Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Maybe I'm woefully behind the times however this is the first I've heard of a barber shop that has beer on tap. Yes you heard me correctly. You can get your whiskers clipped while you imbibe the finest of alcoholic libations. Please allow this trend to spread oh great and benevolent universe. This Is My One True desire that rather than staring at books full of stale haircuts and having mindless conversation with a complete stranger, I will instead be afforded the opportunity to enjoy a frosty beverage of the intoxicating variety. I regretfully admit it makes me sad that I do not myself, possess a head of hair which would require frequent visits to this fine establishment. Luckily my son being a young man of sound Constitution is still growing an adequate amount of hair. He is also in possession of his driver's permit so he doubles as my designated driver. In the words of the esteemable American Hero ( Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith) "I love it when a plan comes together".

    I know, I know, the question you're asking is "was the haircut any good?" Yes it was but Who cares? You won't notice once you have a couple Down the Hatch. Bottoms Up!

    thumb Mike S.
  •   Not bad very clean very friendly BUT when did you have to start paying $26 for a ten minute high tight (fade) ? I mean a drink a. We're a snort of whiskey and still not close to $26.

    thumb Bert C.

      Rad new barber shop on Natoma Street. A very nice open floor plan with four large flatscreen TVs and a comfortable waiting area. I've been going to Andrew for years and he always gives me the perfect cut every time I'm in the chair. Don't waste your hair or money on any other barber shop.

    thumb Daniel J.

      It was my first time here and had a great experience. I made an appointment for a haircut with Dannie and I was welcomed by the whole staff when I walked in. Dannie was a great listener and knew exactly what I wanted. I was really happy with my haircut! Great atmosphere as well, will come back again.

    thumb Chris C.

      Fun, laid back chill place for a haircut and a beer. Dannie is amazing. Walked in looking homeless, walked out feeling refreshed and presentable.

    thumb Allen W.
  •   Awesome, brand new barbershop in town. I've been going to Andrew for haircuts for years now, wondering when he was gonna open his own shop and that time has finally come. He definitely knows how to cut hair it can be the latest and the greatest of styles or classic. Whether it's a clean up, trim, or a fade Andrew is the man for the job.

    The barber lounge definitely has a classy, modern feel to it. Very well designed with an open, interactive, and social environment. Comfortable seats to wait in with great reading material, or you can enjoy the game on one of the 4 big screen TV's.

    They have the best customer service, and I think Andrew's large, eclectic, long-term  clientele is a testament to that. IF there is anything bad to say about this place (and there really isn't) is he's always booked. I would highly recommend Andrew and always do, come check out his new spot!

    thumb Rj R.

      Been here twice, both times had Kendra cut my hair. I had appointments both times, First time I was satisfied, second time I waited 20 minutes  after my appointment time (whats the point of having an appointment) before I was seated for the cut. Kendra is nice enough but she talks a lot and doesn't seem to pay attention to details. When it was my turn and she finally got around to being ready for me, after looking at her appointment calendar, she called me by another persons name to sit in the chair. I had to find another barber to fix the sides of my hair a few days after  the cut. I was tempted to go back to her to fix it bit opted not to.

    thumb Dan K.

      Our son has hated haircuts for as long as he's been getting them and we've done our fair share of barber hopping to find the right fit, from those cheesy kid places, to the chain haircut places to barbers all over town and even went the at-home mom haircut route, but for some reason he has hated every single one until we came here. He's into the spinning barber pole they have inside so maybe that's the trick or maybe the vibe of the place just makes him more calm. Who knows. Either way, no matter which barber is available when we walk in, we've had a great experience. It doesn't hurt that it's walking distance from our house

    thumb Ashley C.

      very happy to have found Dannie again at The Barber Lounge.  Always a great haircut and some nice conversation.  I liked the relaxing vibe of the place too.  Looking forward to going back.

    thumb Bob F.

  • review rating 5  Andrew is the best Barber in Folsom, the shop has a great relaxed feel as well, friendly environment

    thumb Patrick Cruse

    review rating 3  Best barber I've had in over 40 yrs of getting my hair cut. I love the establishment and the friendliness. Great place to get your haircut and relax at the same time.

    thumb Anthony Houston

    review rating 5  Just got a haircut and beard trim. Matt and Andrew are cool dudes, caught the Giants game while I was there! Great price, great work, these guys are really creating the classic barbershop experience.

    thumb Matt Trombley

    review rating 5  Andrew has been cutting my grandsons hair since he was little and he's 13! Would never take him anywhere else!! All the barbers do an awesome job, I'd highly recommend checking them out... you won't be disappointed!

    thumb Suzi Matthews
  • review rating 5  Great atmosphere and great cuts. Always willing to try and fit me in even if I don’t have an appointment. Plus you can hang out and have a beer while you wait! I will definitely be back.

    thumb Ronald Thompson

    review rating 5  I got a straight razor shave and a haircut and loved it. Joyce Bacci is the Best. SGT Boyer 101 ABN DIV.

    thumb Nicholas K. Boyer

    review rating 5  Great atmosphere and friendly. We will be coming here again. Thanks Teri and Joe

    thumb Teri French

    review rating 5  Best and most modern shop in Folsom area,plus best barber in town. Got A check it out for sure.

    thumb Jim Firanzi Sr.



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